Value Based Networking Audio Library

Even excellent networkers have some areas they could improve on. Below you will find a series of audio files with helpful tips on how to advance your Value Based Networking skills.

1. I can always get appts or get through via phone to people on my most important list.

2. I feel confident in my ability to connect with powerful people. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

3. I have a personal budget that I spend to bring value to my most important contacts.

4. I have a plan of where I am going in the future and who is critical to my success.

5. I have a strong mentor within my organization and one outside.  XXXXXXXXXXXXX

6. I have made significant investments in enhancing my networking skills.

7. I invest 4 hours every week with people in my network. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

8. I invest daily in identifying ways to add value to my most important relationships.

9. I live by the motto: “Add value to others before expecting anything in return”

10. I maintain a list of my top 50 network targets.

11. I make a conscious choice of who is in my network and why.

12. More people know me than I know.

13. My colleagues often comment on how much value I bring to the work place.

14. My key business contacts would describe me to others as a friend and advisor.

15. My family, friends and business contacts are integrated. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX