“Make friends with your Brain. It’s making all your decisions.”


We human beings are a complex lot. Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

So how do you acquire this knowledge about yourself?

We use an integrated three science assessment called TriMetrix HD.

Behaviors:  This assessment is key to you understanding how you:

  • Handle problems and challenges,
  • Influence others,
  • Handle the pace of your environment,
  • Deal with rules and procedures, and
  • interact effectively with others in work and life.

Motivators:  12 Driving Forces (Motivators) are personal drivers or the “why” of what we do.  Motivators help illuminate and amplify a person’s motivating factors. Motivators can be referred to as the aspects of life that you are passionate about, things that you perceive as important, or the thoughts that provide you with purpose and direction in life. Some people live their entire lives and are never asked to identify what truly drives them. You could work with a person for years and not be able to identify their true motivators. Why? Because our motivators are tucked away in a part of our brain, we have difficulty accessing.

Competencies:   For many jobs, it’s not always the technical skills that will catapult you to success, but rather the personal skills, or “soft skills” that are often transferable to different jobs. These intangible, indefinable soft skills, such as leadership, persuasion and playing well with others, that complement the technical knowledge, are the qualities that define us as people and are typically bottom line indicators of job performance.

The competencies we master tend to come from experiences. This assessment is designed to assist you in managing and developing your career by understanding the competencies you have already developed and by identifying those that may need further development. For example, if you enjoy helping people, you may be more prone to focus on developing interpersonal skills. Competencies are developed slowly over time and become part of a person’s total talent. They can play an important role in satisfying what motivates you.

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