Develop Relationships that Power Your Future


Exceptional personal and professional relationships are characterized by trust, respect, loyalty and generosity. These are the relationships that will ensure that you thrive in your career and give you profound personal fulfillment.

How you achieve and sustain these kinds of relationships is what this course is all about.  And the first rule is GIVE. We all remember the old adage: it is better to give than to receive. Well, it’s true. If you want people to enter into a relationship with you then you have to provide value to them. You have to be the kind of person who adds sufficient value to others that they WANT to know you.

That’s why this course is called:  Value Based Networking. We are going to give you all the ingredients and the recipe for connecting with the people who can power your future.

  1. The Value Based Networking Workbook
    • Workbook comes in hardcover and soft copy
    • 11 downloadable tools
  2. Three audio CDs that cover the entire workbook
  3. A series of audio tutorials on the components of Value Based Networking
  4. A self-assessment to identify areas for focus
  5. Recommended reading for true mastery
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