Futures Ready Videos

Engage Through Storytelling

Stories bring your ideas to life and can bring others into what you are imagining.

As humans, we are attracted to stories. They are an extremely powerful way to communicate new ideas and ways of thinking. 

In this 4 minute video, Nancy Duarte illustrates the story structure and how you can use it effectively.

First Gas Station

A fun and humorous look at maybe the world’s first gas station.

Ted Talk: Ari Wallach – How to think about the future

Should you think transgenerational?

Why growing 10X is better than 2X

by Dan Sullivan, Strategic coach

What is Moonshot thinking?

Understand what is needed to do a moonshot versus incremental improvement

The future is faster than you think

by Peter Diamandis

What is your massively transformative Purpose (MTP)?

by Peter Diamandis

Who moved my cheese?

Are you future change ready?