Welcome to your Delegation Workout Room

Now that you’re all warmed up from reading the articles and watching the videos related to the art of Delegation you’re ready to do some exercises to stimulate and strengthen your brain muscle.

1. Benefits and Barriers Exercise (Word Doc download) Delegation is one of those activities that is rarely, if ever, taught to the rising leader. It’s a skill that everyone assumes anyone can do. But if you’ve ever delegated a task or project that was less than sterling in its results you may have felt that the delegation process was too much time and trouble for what you got back. But effective delegation is the strongest productivity improvement tool a leader can utilize. This exercise will help clarify your thoughts on delegation and ensure you have internalized the value to you and the organization and why it’s worth investing in enhancing this skill in yourself.

2. Mastering the Art of Delegation – (Word Doc download) Succeeding in business has always been tough. What do you need most?  TIME. What do you need even more? ALL THE HELP you can get.  In a nutshell, Delegation is the art of asking for help and doing it in a way that encourages and excites people to want to help you!

3. Plan Before You Delegate – If you want to be a successful delegator, you’ll need to take a page out of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Begin with the End in Mind. Or, another way of looking at it: be very clear about what it is you want. Using this form is designed to get you thinking more broadly about an issue so you can make better decisions. For a very simple situation it might look like overkill, but as a learning tool it is very effective. It is also best to experience it using a complex delegation where many factors can be important and/or in conflict. This exercise gives you the template/checklist to complete so that you can effectively communicate precisely what you need done.

4. Plan Before You Delegate Sample – (Word Doc download) It is our experience that it’s easier to complete a form like this if you have an example. The BWLC team used this to plan for delegating the facilitator role of the Delegation Workshops to the selected team members. Click on the title to download the PDF sample

5. Observer Worksheet – In your work groups you will practice using the Plan Before you Delegate template to actually delegate a task to someone in your group. This Worksheet is for the Observers in your group to complete and thereby provide feedback to the delegator on how they did. Click on the title to download the Word doc.

6. You Want Me to Do WHAT? – (Word Doc download) So, someone has asked you for your help.  Now what do you do? How can you quickly decide if this is something you should take on? Download this form.

7. Planning the Assignment Booklet – Okay, you said yes, I’d be pleased to help you. What you need now is a checklist of questions to fill in the additional information you’ll need to be successful. Read this booklet.

8. Planning the Assignment Form – (Word Doc download) Once you’ve read the booklet, this form will allow you to complete the checklist and document your findings. Download this form.