Develop Unstoppable Confidence

When your confidence goes up, your competence goes up at the same time.

In her book, The Confidence Code, co-author Katty Kay posits that “confidence is life’s enabler – it is the quality that turns thoughts into action.”

“The notion of confidence as action is a virtuous circle. The more we act, the more our confidence grows. We try something, and the next time round we feel a little bit easier about trying it again.”

The Confidence course will help you learn to be confident and become confidence self-aware. It will provide you with tools and techniques to continuously manage your confidence and to generate confidence in others.

  1. How Confident Are You? A Self-Assessment.
  2. Focus on Action – Progress not Perfection
  3. Gratitude – A Confidence Generator
  4. Integrating Past Experiences – A Confidence Generator
  5. Goals – A Confidence Generator
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