Collaboration Warmups

Your brain is like a muscle. And just like any muscle in your body, with the proper exercise and training, your brain will increase in strength on a multitude of levels. The warm up exercises below are designed to increase blood flow to your brain, challenge your critical thinking and prepare you for the insights you’ll receive from the webinars, lessons and exercises presented in the upcoming series. Have fun!

Do Employees Care About Workplace Collaboration? – You bet they do! Employees want to do work that makes a difference to the company’s bottom line and makes them feel like a part of something bigger than themselves.

9 Must-Have Leadership Skills for Successful Cross-Functional Teams
Business Interaction
– Organized, transparent, and flexible management is of the utmost importance when it comes to the success of a cross-functional team. As a team leader, you’ll very quickly find that managing this type of team comes with complexities rarely found in a traditional team-management setting.

BIG TEAM, Little me – In this new year, I want the things I do to be less about me. Whether it’s my position at ADDO, the way I am volunteering at church, or my role in my family, I want to make a conscious effort to focus more on the ways that I am contributing to something greater than myself.

C is Collaboration – Today’s organizations are too complex to operate effectively in silo mode; businesses are increasingly focused on cross-selling products to existing
customers and innovating through the recombination of existing technologies.

Growth Through Collaboration: John Abele’s Vision – John Abele has always been fascinated by the impact of collaboration. Much of his obsession stems from a long battle with a debilitating childhood staph infection called osteomyelitis. He spent most of his time between the ages of 5 and 8 in a full body cast in the hospital, undergoing three surgeries and 1,200 injections.

Top 5 Challenges Faced by Cross Functional Teams – Effective cross functional collaboration can be the key to tackling an organization’s toughest problems. Cross functional teams can serve as pockets of innovation, and they can improve both individual and group performance. There’s very little question about their value.

Master Effective Collaboration In The Workplace – As I played multiple roles in cross functional teams over years – developer on a small part of the product to leading engineering teams to guidance in a leadership role, I experienced feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment and at times even helplessness.