Collaboration Videos

Above And Beyond (<5 min)

A cute story about the power of collaborating when you can use different styles and capabilities.

Tim Cook on Collaboration (2 min)

Short video where Tim Cook, Apple CEO, describes the ideal collaborator.

Empathy Versus Sympathy (3 min)

Really excellent video on importance differences between empathy and sympathy. Good EQ lessons.

Tools for Collaboration (10 min)

Little longer outline of tools needed for collaboration from a business school perspective.

Collaboration Leads to Great Ideas & Discoveries (1 min 30 sec)

Short video that shows how cross discipline experts help solve problems.

How Collaboration Leads to Great Ideas (3 min)

Interesting perspectives of how air force is using collaboration. Citizen scientist.

Challenges of Remotes Teams in Collaboration (2 min)

Cute cartoon format that talks about how collaboration can work across an organization.

Simon Sinek on Collaboration (2 min)

One of our favorite speakers, Simon Sinek, comments on how to collaborate.