Welcome to the Calendar as Your Asset Workout Room

Now that you’re all warmed up from reading the articles of making your calendar your asset, you’re ready to do some exercises to stimulate and strengthen your brain muscle.

Let’s Get Personal (Word Doc Download) – We can’t place all the responsibility for work-life balance onto the organization. You have a serious role to play.

Calendar Activities and Reflect (Word Doc Download) – Are you spending your time or investing your time? Your activities tell the tale.

Distraction Self-Assessment (Word Doc Download) – How well do you handle interruptions and distractions? How conscious are you of how and when you interrupt or distract others?

Action Plan Exercise (Word Doc Download) – You’ve gleaned some new ideas and techniques from the book. How will you change your behavior over the next few weeks so that you can start to realize Success@30! Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions!

Success @ 30 (PDF 2MB ) – In our first edition of this publication in early 2000 our primary focus was on senior executives. Tools included Blackberries and old standby PDAs. Many managers and most executives had an executive assistant. We dropped the executive assistant section because, when they do exist, they come in a variety of forms – Administration, chief of staff or project manager. How things have changed! But the challenge of time management has not.