Networking is a skill that will power your future. Mastering this thriving skill will ensure that when you reach out to others with the intention of helping them, it will come back to you many times over. You will be connected. And the people you are connected to will help you achieve your life’s goals. Complete this self assessment to see how well you have mastered the basics of Value Based Networking. Remember to be completely honest in your self assessment – real progress starts when we tell ourselves the truth. After, you will have the opportunity to create an action plan to work on areas that require more attention.

This self-assessment will help you discover just where you stand in the world of Value Based Networking.  

There are 15 questions with a 1-10 scale and a representative statement on either side. So for example:  the 1st question deals with your ability to contact people when you want to. If you really have to work hard to make contact and/or get appointments with people on your target list you would score yourself closer to a 1. If you can always get appointments or get through on the phone to people on your most important list you’d score closer to a 10.

If your answer to every question is a 1… your total score will be 15. If you answer 10 to everything, your score will be 150.

After you complete the self-assessment, you will get a report with some suggestions of how you might improve your score.

    I can always get appointments or get through on the phone to people on my most important list.
    I feel confident in my ability to connect with powerful people.
    I have a personal budget that I spend to bring value to my most important contacts.
    I have a plan of where I am going in the future and who is critical to my success.
    I have a strong mentor within my organization and one outside.
    I have made significant investments in enhancing my networking skills.
    I invest 4 hours every week with people in my network.
    I invest daily in identifying ways to add value to my most important relationships.
    I live by the motto: "Add value to others before expecting anything in return."
    I maintain a list of my top 50 network targets.
    I make a conscious choice of who is in my network and why.
    More people know me than I know.
    My colleagues often comment on how much value I bring to the work place.
    My key business contacts would describe me to others as a friend and advisor.
    My family, friends and business contacts are integrated.
  • After you click submit, it will take a few moments for you to get your results. Patience is a virtue.