How Confident Are You?  Are you a Confidence Generator?

Complete the Confidence self-assessment. It will help you discover your level of confidence. Confidence is the under pinning learnable skill that allows us to be successful in every aspect of life. Can you think of any activity in life that isn’t accomplished better when you are confident? The Confidence Trap looks at your overall confidence level and how you can improve it.

There are 15 questions with a 1-10 scale and a representative statement on either side.  So for example:  the 1st question deals with optimism and gratitude. If you have a scarcity mindset and feel that you don’t have enough, you would score closer to a 1. If you have an abundance mindset and feel grateful for what you have, you’d score closer to a 10.

If your answer to every question is a 1 … your total score will be 15.  If you answer 10 to everything, your score will be 150.

    I most often think about what I have and am grateful for my fortune
    I feel content with my life progress so far and look for happiness from within
    I have confidence in my 90-day plan and my ability to achieve progress I don't feel the need to worry about work
    I accept myself, faults and all, and place my focus on my strengths
    I have complete confidence in my work team's ability to handle their responsibilities
    When I have free time, I enjoy it
    I set aside a few minutes every day to reflect on my accomplishments and what further progress I can make
    I look at all situations and reframe them to see what good can come from them.
    I work daily at learning new habits to support my current efforts
    I listen to criticism with a view to what I can learn
    I believe that actions speak louder than words
    I am completely flexible when circumstances change and I am interrupted
    I like to be completely prepared when I attend a meeting but I am confident I can handle most situations as they arise
    I live and learn in the present and I plan for the future
    I believe problems and barriers are an inevitable part of life; I view them as potential teachers
  • After you click submit, it will take a few moments for you to get your results. Patience is a virtue.