Meet the Balanced WorkLife Team

Balanced WorkLife Company is the brain child of co-founders Jim and Lori Dryburgh. After a combined 35 years at IBM, they decided to start their own business, helping professionals get further in their careers. Over 15 years later, we’ve had the opportunity to work with senior executives at incredible companies including Dell, CA Technologies, SAP, and many more. We’re helping reverse the trend of so many workers being unsatisfied in their jobs by helping them discover their “work personalities” and then giving them the tools to make a life they enjoy. General email inquiries can be sent to

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JIM DRYBURGH, Founder / Adobe Connect Support

Jim‘s passion is helping successful executives achieve their full potential while they enjoy their life’s journey. Jim has extensive experience in executive coaching and development, business strategy, communications, and change programs that produce lasting results in business expansion and transformation. He is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, a Certified Professional Values Analyst, Certified Professional TTI TriMetrix HD Analyst, and a Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst. His business acumen started with 25 years at IBM in a variety of technical, marketing and senior management positions.

In 2001, he co-founded The Balanced WorkLife Company. The firm’s vision is to dramatically improve the productivity and effectiveness of executives and knowledge workers.

Jim lives at The Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and business partner, Lori.

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LORI DRYBURGH, Founder / Assessment Support

Lori’s extensive background in corporate training and professional education makes her the perfect person to develop the tools and programs here at Balanced WorkLife. She loves helping clients discover their version of career success combined with a high quality of life.

Since 2001 Lori has worked with her partner, Jim, building The Balanced WorkLife Company.

While she can be very driven and project-focused, Lori also practices what she preaches. She regularly enjoys hiking, world travel, reading, entertaining, and taking care of Tegan (a Skye Terrier dog) and Tasha (a Siberian Forest cat).


The Balanced WorkLife Executive Team

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Executive Coach

Steven Hill
Executive Coach
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Deb Cameron
Executive Coach
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